A Review of the 888 Casino

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There are some gambling brands that remain synonymous with the UK market, with 888 Casino offering a relevant case in point.

After all, the brand launched at the beginning of the iGaming revolution back in 1997, affording it a dominant market share that it has largely maintained to this day.

We’ve created a brief but detailed 888 Casino review below, appraising everything from its current welcome offer to the range of games available.

What’s in the Welcome Offer?

Before we delve into the welcome offer, it should be noted that 888 Casino is one of the few operators in Ireland to provide players with a no-deposit bonus.

More specifically, new players can opt-in to the site’s ‘€88 No Deposit Bonus’, which will be added straight to your account following the successful completion of your registration. As there’s no need to initially credit your account, you can use this to sample the platform for free and get a feel of precisely what they have to offer.

There are no strings or wagering requirements attached to this bonus, although you should note that winnings are capped and banked in your bonus balance.

There’s also a standard welcome offer available at 888 Casino, with this taking the form of a 100% deposit match up to the value of €140.

While the minimum deposit required to qualify for the bonus is a little higher than the market average at €20, the wagering requirements in play are just 30-times the value of the bonus. This is quite competitive, as it means that players who opt in at the minimum deposit level will only have to play through €600 before completing a withdrawal.

What’s more, you’ll have up to 90 days to fulfill these wagering requirements, creating ample time for even casual players to cash in on the bonus without spending outside of their means.

What Games and Verticals are on Offer?

As you can imagine for such a well-known and established slot game, 888 Casino is home to a large and diverse games’ library, which features more than 500 slots and table games combined.

The selection of slots includes titles like Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot, Ring of Odin and the superb Rise of the Pharaohs (which is an 888 exclusive).

What’s more, there are a total of 28 progressive jackpots featured on the site, enabling players to compete for seven-figure prizes through titles such as Caribbean Poker, Devine Mortune and Microgaming’s Mega Fortune (where the real-time jackpot is around €1.5 million).

You can also find a large number of table and live casino games at 888 Casino, including everything from classic European Roulette to Super Stakes Blackjack.

You’ll also find an array of poker and baccarat iterations at 888 Casino, with tables available with variable limits to suit players with different risk profiles.

All in all, there’s enough games and choice here to keep most players interested, whether they’re casual gamblers who have a penchant for themed slots or high-rollers who want to pursue the biggest prizes!

Does the Site Have Good Customer Support?

Whenever you watch the most iconic gambling films in history, you’ll note that very few focus on the customer service available and brick-and-mortar locations!

However, this is one of the most relevant metrics when comparing modern online casinos, and it’s fair to say that the 888 brand offers an excellent level of customer support and service to its customers.

For example, you can contact the customer support team while logged into the site through a 24/7 live chat feature, which is well staffed and boasts an excellent response time. There’s also an email address through which you can raise more complex queries, although it can take 24 hours or so to receive a response through this channel in some instances.

888 Casino also features a comprehensive FAQ page, which includes a host of guides on the most frequently asked questions and site features.

This provides the ideal first port of call when you have a query and issue, and one that may prevent you from having to contact the customer support team directly.


Hollywood blockbusters in the cinema and casino sectors are always very popular. These casino films are always played by crooks and numerous secret agents. The variety is very large. Films with a background or the main theme casino are very expressive films and therefore indispensable. Numerous films revolve around poker, roulette, and the casino theme. But there is also a lot of tough action in every film. So that everyone can find their way around the numerous films better, we have put together the top 10 casino films. Every fan should have seen these films once. If you prefer to play in the casino yourself, you will surely find a suitable casino in your city or look for an online casino on the Internet, where you will be able to play online slots and many other games to your liking.


The Casino is from 1995 and is the most popular classic film among the casino-film fans. The blockbuster first aired in 1995. The film is about a casino boss who previously started his career as a small bookmaker. He made his leap to the gaming industry through the mafia and thus came to the fore in gaming. The simple crook then runs a casino in Las Vegas. The bosses regularly ask for their shares. His rise is complete after marrying an attractive call girl.


The Gamble is a reinterpretation from 2014. The film Game Without Scruples was shown in 1974 with the leading roles Mark Wahlberg and Jessica Lange. The literature professor Jim Bennett played by Mark Wahlberg is thrown off course by the death of his grandfather. At this point in time, Jim Bennett already had very high gambling debts, but he got the idea to borrow money from a dangerous loan shark played by Michael Kenneth Williams. But he cannot repay the borrowed money and then decides to borrow the money from his mother.


This casino film is a breathtaking poker drama from 2006. The gifted poker player Michael Madson bequeaths his passionate poker player to his daughter. This tries to finance her medical studies with it. Breathtaking poker scenes and casino music make this film an absolute must for every fan. The medical student was initiated into playing poker as a little girl. But the student wants more and sets up a poker team with her friends. But an unpleasant encounter throws the student off course.


The film is from 1998 and is played by a group of gangsters who are haphazardly drawn into a plan. Eddie is a keen poker player. But the problem is that he and his friends have to raise a large amount of money in order to be able to make a minimum bet. But everything is going differently than the group thought. You lose £ 500,000 in debt. The big dream of clearing away has thus been shattered. But if they cannot pay their debts, they are threatened with losing a finger from their cronies. So, they get into a planned robbery.


A 2008 rogue comedy starring Kevin Spacey, Jim Sturgess, Robert Luketic, and Kate Bosworth. Kevin Spacey puts together a blackjack team because he has developed a suitable formula himself. He and his team really want to make a big splash. Since he is a math student, he knows numbers very well and is sure of his cause. The entire team of Genies succeeds in making big money in numerous casinos with their self-created system. But the casino’s security has already figured out what to do and is sticking to his heels.


The Deadly Game of Luck is from 1998 and directed by Mike Hodges in the UK. The film has captivating and dramatic moments so that the audience is increasingly amazed. The dramatic film starts exactly where a little roulette ball is involved. The croupier leaves his old life behind, however, as a writer, he doesn’t get any green light. So, he returns to his old life as a croupier. He gets his inspiration from the casino.


For all poker players, this is the perfect 1998 film. Matt Damon played the leading role. The poker player gambled away all his savings. Through his girlfriend, he decides to keep his hands off the cards. But that won’t last long.


Eric Stoner is the best poker player. He seizes his real chance when the wealthy Lancy Howard comes to town to play poker. He wants to show them that he is the best player. But the Cincinnati Kid is used by Lancy Howard for a plan of revenge and is also financed by Lancy Howard. This is a fascinating dilemma. This film also shows that playing poker is not just a matter of luck. Therefore an absolute must for every fan.


Casino Royale is an agent film. This film is filled with lots of pretty women, lots of men’s toys, and tough action. In his first mission, the secret agent played by James Bond has to put an end to an arms dealer and punter playing poker in the famous Casino Royale. The game is based on Texas Holdem in poker. The final will take place in the city of Venice. This film is the 21st legendary Bond film and therefore a must for every fan. The perfect mood for a cozy casino evening.


In this film, the star cast is George Clooney, followed by Bratt Pitt, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, and Andy Garcia. Just released from prison, the next plan is already being hatched. The gang’s goal is to crack the safe in the casino hotel called Bellagio. Danny Ocean had already come up with a brilliant plan in prison. The problem, however, is that the money can only get to the outside world from the casino itself. Shown very dramatically and full of action and therefore you have to see this film.


Vegas Powerhouse

It’s sometimes hard to believe that the high energy and bright lights of Vegas are in the middle of the desert. What once was barren land is now full of life. At what price does that come though? How much power is required?

The brightly lit displays and slot machines at the likes of the MGM certainly contribute. In fact casinos in Vegas use 20% of the energy consumption of Las Vegas. The Luxor Beam alone (an impressive visual spectacle made of 39 individual 7,000 watt bulbs – although they aren’t all used now) costs around half a million dollars a year to power. The fountains at the Bellagio cost a rumoured $5,000,000 a year to power.

Largest Online Slot Wins in History

Everyone knows that one-armed bandits are the casino industry’s cash cows, responsible for most of its revenue generation. These simple to play games have a history of producing jaw-dropping prizes that would make anyone take up this hobby.

The long-standing land-based record is a jackpot reward of $39.7 million on the Megabucks machine at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, hit in 2003. It is an impressive milestone that no one has come close to beating. However, in the digital sphere, every few years, the goal-post gets adjusted in terms of the highest prize attainable as the internet player pool rises and progressives become the preferred gaming option for most newbies.

Online, the selection of jackpot slots is vast. If you are thinking about playing any of the titles mentioned in this article, Google a list of casinos where you can find these slot games. It should not be hard to locate platforms that host them, as they are some of the most established products in the sphere.

£16.3 Million – Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah.

In 2021, on April 27th, a Belgian player at Napoleon Sports & Casino set the current online slot record by forming a symbol combination that paid him £16.3 million in winnings. The game he managed to accomplish this feat on was Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah. That is a Microgaming product developed by Triple Edge Studios. It hit online casinos everywhere in April of 2020 and only uses the Mega Moolah brand to garner attention. In reality, it has little to do with that classic progressive game. It is an Alice in Wonderland-inspired slot that features far more advanced visuals than its namesake.

Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah is a low variance title that has a return-to-player of 92%. It incorporates the 243-ways-to-win format and has a non-progressive max prize of x2,343 a player’s bet. It accepts wagers that go as low as two cents and ones as high as £50. Gameplay-wise, there is nothing unique about this game. It offers an engaging Free Spins Bonus and a Multiplier Trail feature in its base gameplay. Other than that, this Mad Hatter tea party-themed slot is relatively basic.

£15.3 Million – Mega Moolah

In 2018, on September 28th, an anonymous gambler spinning reels at Grand Mondial Casino, part of the Casino Rewards group, managed to eclipse the previous Mega Moolah record set in 2015 of around £12 million in current-day money, by improving it by £3 million. No one knows anything about the identity or location of this spinner except that according to Emma Hall, Casino Rewards’ promotional manager, he managed to hit his lucky combination using a 75-cent wager in a session involving fewer than fifty reel rotations.

Mega Moolah is the industry’s premier millionaire maker. It has been around since 2006 and is a medium variance title that has a return-to-player of 88%. It is a simple-to-play product that features the standard five-reel, three-row layout. Its minimum bet is one penny, and it averages a jackpot prize every nine weeks. Its seed value is one million pounds. Meaning, its max prize cannot go below this amount. Once someone claims it, the maximum winning amount resets to £1,000,000, and it continues growing from there as more players bet on its reels.

£14.8 Million – Mega Fortune

In 2013, on January 20th, a frequent Finnish gambler landed a symbol combination on NetEnt’s Mega Fortune that led him to the then record-setting reward of £14.8 million. The winner, who wished to stay anonymous, played at Paf Casino, a reputable Finnish platform, and attained his life-altering win using a 25-cent bet. In an interview for the Paf website, he stated that he planned on buying a decent car for himself first. Then, using the rest of his winnings to make life a bit easier for his family.

Mega Fortune is one of the internet’s most played progressive games. It has remained super-popular despite being a product that is over a decade old. It is a low variance slot, which is unusual for titles that offer massive prizes, and it boasts a return-to-player of 96%, another rarity. Mega Fortune’s max win reward is x80,000 a player’s bet, not factoring in its progressive prize, which has a seed value of £250,000. Those who find the visuals of this slot a bit outdated by current standards can check out its sequel titled Dreams, released in 2014. It is a product that incorporates three differently sized jackpot prizes. The Mega one has an average payout of around £3,7 million.

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Casino Royale

It’s hard to underplay how much the aesthetic of casinos plays into its allure. It’s no wonder then that some of the most iconic movies over the decades have included casino scenes or have had that world as a backdrop or central theme. The popular James Bond film, Casino Royale is a good example of this. The spy movie, starring Daniel Craig grossed $600 million had a central plot featuring a high stakes  Texas hold ’em tournament at the Casino Royale in Montenegro.

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