2 Wins in 1 day

It’s sometimes difficult to believe that stories about gambling wins can be true because some may seem too paradoxical. In fact, a specific story, that is more like something out of the movies than an actual event, in reality, happened to one lucky winner. This story is based on one lucky man from Carinthia who played at the Casino Velden after receiving winnings from a lottery win that morning.

When the five correct numbers appeared on his lottery ticket, that was a stroke of luck in itself. The man collected his winnings of just more than 1000 euros for the five correct numbers on the lottery receipt and then went to Casino Velden to see if he could continue his luck.

He was only venturing into the casino on the shores of Lake Wรถrthersee for the second time, and he had a little bit more luck in mind after his first experience. When he sat down to play the Fort Knox slot machine, he couldn’t believe it when the symbols lined up and he saw just how much he had won.

A total of 210,622.73 euros had been won by him on Austria’s highest-payout video slot machine. He reacted as most people would in this situation: stunned at first, followed by overjoyed from the emotions that he was feeling. As far as he was concerned, he was going to use his winnings to support the education of his daughter.

There was a surprising detail he added to the story: 30 years ago, he worked on the construction site of the casino as a builder.

There are 90 Fort Knox slots spread throughout the twelve casinos throughout Austria, all of which are networked and are reset at 200,000 euros each time the jackpot is won on any of the slot machines. This is the highest win possible on any Fort Knox slot machine in the world. There is a minimum bet of 75 cents, which is the smallest amount you can bet.