Hollywood blockbusters in the cinema and casino sectors are always very popular. These casino films are always played by crooks and numerous secret agents. The variety is very large. Films with a background or the main theme casino are very expressive films and therefore indispensable. Numerous films revolve around poker, roulette, and the casino theme. But there is also a lot of tough action in every film. So that everyone can find their way around the numerous films better, we have put together the top 10 casino films. Every fan should have seen these films once. If you prefer to play in the casino yourself, you will surely find a suitable casino in your city or look for an online casino on the Internet, where you will be able to play online slots and many other games to your liking.


The Casino is from 1995 and is the most popular classic film among the casino-film fans. The blockbuster first aired in 1995. The film is about a casino boss who previously started his career as a small bookmaker. He made his leap to the gaming industry through the mafia and thus came to the fore in gaming. The simple crook then runs a casino in Las Vegas. The bosses regularly ask for their shares. His rise is complete after marrying an attractive call girl.


The Gamble is a reinterpretation from 2014. The film Game Without Scruples was shown in 1974 with the leading roles Mark Wahlberg and Jessica Lange. The literature professor Jim Bennett played by Mark Wahlberg is thrown off course by the death of his grandfather. At this point in time, Jim Bennett already had very high gambling debts, but he got the idea to borrow money from a dangerous loan shark played by Michael Kenneth Williams. But he cannot repay the borrowed money and then decides to borrow the money from his mother.


This casino film is a breathtaking poker drama from 2006. The gifted poker player Michael Madson bequeaths his passionate poker player to his daughter. This tries to finance her medical studies with it. Breathtaking poker scenes and casino music make this film an absolute must for every fan. The medical student was initiated into playing poker as a little girl. But the student wants more and sets up a poker team with her friends. But an unpleasant encounter throws the student off course.


The film is from 1998 and is played by a group of gangsters who are haphazardly drawn into a plan. Eddie is a keen poker player. But the problem is that he and his friends have to raise a large amount of money in order to be able to make a minimum bet. But everything is going differently than the group thought. You lose £ 500,000 in debt. The big dream of clearing away has thus been shattered. But if they cannot pay their debts, they are threatened with losing a finger from their cronies. So, they get into a planned robbery.


A 2008 rogue comedy starring Kevin Spacey, Jim Sturgess, Robert Luketic, and Kate Bosworth. Kevin Spacey puts together a blackjack team because he has developed a suitable formula himself. He and his team really want to make a big splash. Since he is a math student, he knows numbers very well and is sure of his cause. The entire team of Genies succeeds in making big money in numerous casinos with their self-created system. But the casino’s security has already figured out what to do and is sticking to his heels.


The Deadly Game of Luck is from 1998 and directed by Mike Hodges in the UK. The film has captivating and dramatic moments so that the audience is increasingly amazed. The dramatic film starts exactly where a little roulette ball is involved. The croupier leaves his old life behind, however, as a writer, he doesn’t get any green light. So, he returns to his old life as a croupier. He gets his inspiration from the casino.


For all poker players, this is the perfect 1998 film. Matt Damon played the leading role. The poker player gambled away all his savings. Through his girlfriend, he decides to keep his hands off the cards. But that won’t last long.


Eric Stoner is the best poker player. He seizes his real chance when the wealthy Lancy Howard comes to town to play poker. He wants to show them that he is the best player. But the Cincinnati Kid is used by Lancy Howard for a plan of revenge and is also financed by Lancy Howard. This is a fascinating dilemma. This film also shows that playing poker is not just a matter of luck. Therefore an absolute must for every fan.


Casino Royale is an agent film. This film is filled with lots of pretty women, lots of men’s toys, and tough action. In his first mission, the secret agent played by James Bond has to put an end to an arms dealer and punter playing poker in the famous Casino Royale. The game is based on Texas Holdem in poker. The final will take place in the city of Venice. This film is the 21st legendary Bond film and therefore a must for every fan. The perfect mood for a cozy casino evening.


In this film, the star cast is George Clooney, followed by Bratt Pitt, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, and Andy Garcia. Just released from prison, the next plan is already being hatched. The gang’s goal is to crack the safe in the casino hotel called Bellagio. Danny Ocean had already come up with a brilliant plan in prison. The problem, however, is that the money can only get to the outside world from the casino itself. Shown very dramatically and full of action and therefore you have to see this film.


Kevin Hart

Philadelphia-born Kevin Hart is a highly successful stand-up comedian, actor and producer, arguably best known for playing high school security guard Ben Barber in the Universal Pictures comedy film ‘Ride Along’ in 2014 and its sequel, ‘Ride Along 2’, in 2016. However, notwithstanding his loss, on a points decision, to underdog Antonio ‘The Magician’ Esfandiari – a three-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner – in a three-round boxing match in April, 2019, Hart does have form against professional poker players.

Indeed, at the last count, he had just shy of $48,000 in live earnings, just over $20,000 of which he collected for winning the Larry Flynt’s Challenge Cup at the Hustler Casino in Gardena, California in 2010. In recent years, Hart has been a regular participant in PokerStars Championship events worldwide, including in the Bahamas, Monte Carlo and Barcelona.

In the PokerStars Championship Cash Challenge at Monte Carlo Casino, which aired on television in January, 2018, Hart misread his hand, possibly mistaking the three of spades for the jack of the same suit, which would have given him a straight. Consequently, Hart re-raised his opponent, qualifier Mila Monroe, on the turn and called her all-in bet on the river, despite holding only king-high. Miraculously, for Hart, Monroe was bluffing, with only six-high to show, so he ‘accidentally’ won the pot of €40,000. Although strictly against the rules, Hart returned €15,000 to Monroe, without complaint from the other players, who included Team PokerStars professional Daniel Negreanu, so that she could continue playing.