Casino Royale

It’s hard to underplay how much the aesthetic of casinos plays into its allure. It’s no wonder then that some of the most iconic movies over the decades have included casino scenes or have had that world as a backdrop or central theme. The popular James Bond film, Casino Royale is a good example of this. The spy movie, starring Daniel Craig grossed $600 million had a central plot featuring a high stakesĀ  Texas hold ’em tournament at the Casino Royale in Montenegro.

First Slot Machine

The rol-a-top slot machine was first made in 1935 and until 1938 and was produced by Watling Manufacturing Co. It featured in a 1960 episode of Twilight Zone called Fever. Reproductions of this iconic machine are still made today!



Casino Suite – World’s Most Expensive Hotel Room

How’s this for a hotel room? High rollers are known for splashing the cash and there’s certainly no cheap stay in this Palm Springs Casino Resort. This Vegas Hotel room comes at a princely price of $100,000 per night. That rules most of us out, but for those it doesn’t they get to stay in a room designed by none other than Artist Damien Hirst.

The room features nods to many of the British artist’s art pieces. There are two bull sharks preserved in formaldehyde, along with the surreal touch of giant pills and butterflies. It’s colourful, pharmaceutical inspired mayhem. The room is also offered to those gambling $1,000,000 in the Palms Casino. How the other half live!


Casino Art

The Royal Flush LED wall art installation certainly has a touch of class to it and would be perfectly at home in a professional gamblers pad.

That’s Magic

Las Vegas isn’t only about flashing the cash in a casino, there are also a number of top shows, and performances from well shown musicians and the like. People go to Vegas to be entertained, and there is no shortage of residencies from the likes of Robbie Williams and Elton John. Cirque du soleil is another popular option. If you enjoy a casino connection in everything you do there are plenty of magic shows (featuring everything from card tricks to far more dramatic stunts). Popular magicians Penn and Teller have had a residency at the Rio Lav Vegas since 2001.

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