Canine Card Players

A humorous depiction of dogs playing cards. I’m sure you’ll have noticed that there is quite some history to such comedic imagery involving cards playing cards, or poker or pool and the like. The original Dogs Playing Poker series of paintings were painted by American Artist Cassius Marcellus Coolidge over 100 ago, the first painting in 1894, followed by a series of 16 oil paintings in 1903, and one final 1910 paintings. 11 of the pictures featured dogs sat around a card table and these have very much become ubiquitous within households. Some see the images as someone kitsch, others, part of US culture.

The very first painting, Coolidge’s 1894 Poker Game, sold for $658,000 at a Sotheby’s sale in November 2015. To be honest, considering what art pieces often sell for, it’s doesn’t sound overly expensive!