A brief introduction to live casino

If you’re someone who’s stumbled upon this website, it’s more than likely not too far of a reach to assume that you’re also someone that has an interest in gambling at online casinos. Playing at online casinos is something that has exploded in popularity in recent years, and today there are more available platforms than ever before. 


But it’s not only the amount of platforms that have come to change in recent years. There has also been an explosion of new types of games available on online platforms recently, and today there are plenty of available options for those looking for interesting ways to play. In this text, we’re going to be discussing one of these gambling formats in depth. If you’re looking for concrete examples of what these platforms can look like, you can click on the link to play blackjack live online.

Live casino – what is it? 

Live casino is, as implied by the name, a form of gambling where players follow an actual dealer through a live stream. One common misconception is that a live casino refers to a gambling platform rather than a specific type of game. This is not the case, and live casino is best described as a format of gambling than anything else. Live casino has become a common feature of many online gambling platforms’ catalogues and is incredibly popular amongst gamblers.

What types of games are played through a live casino? 

When it comes to live casinos, the main focus is on classic casino games in various formats. Classic games such as blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, and many others may be several hundred years old, but with live casinos, they have been given new life. These games lend themselves extremely well to this type of format and are a form of gambling that really appeals to the masses. Sometimes these games have been modified or altered slightly in order to better fit into the mould of live casino, but someone who knows how blackjack works is going to have no issue jumping into the action straight away.

To whom might this type of game appeal? 

This type of gambling might appeal to anyone with an interest in casino games, but primarily to those looking for a more personable and immersive experience. The dealers are usually very skilled at their jobs and fill a dual role as both overseers of the game, but also as an entertainers. They’re personable and there’s often a very jovial mood to be enjoyed in the game rooms. Sure, the experience on offer is not exactly the same as sitting at a real-life table with a real-life dealer

but it as just about as close as one can get to the real thing.


However, the pace is inherently slower due to there being a dealer handing out physical cards or spinning a roulette ball on a wheel. This means that anyone interested in playing at live casinos might need to adjust to the slower pace of play compared to traditional online casino games, but it’s a trade-off that in the eyes of many players is well worth it.

Eddy Dundee Slot by Gameart


It is said that Eddy Dundee is a wild bushman who lives far away from civilization in the Australian outback. Sue Charlton, enchanted by the rumours, decides to visit Walkabout Creek to meet Eddy, and so begins an adventure filled with action and romance. Eddy Dundee is based on Crocodile Dundee’s 1986 film, which captivated audiences around the world. With the “Now That’s A Big Knife” Bonus Re-Spins you can win multiple jackpots.

Gigantic Symbols Feature

A single Gigantic Symbol appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 during the Free Spins Round. The Gigantic Scatter hit lands on the reels and triggers three additional Free Spins. Retriggers are unlimited, so you can re-trigger as often as you like. A special reel is activated during the Free Spins Feature

Big Knife Re-Spins

When six or more Big Knife symbols appear on all reels, the Big Knife Re-Spins feature is triggered. A Big Knife symbol can present a predefined set of random values, or it can display either of the jackpots, Mini or Major. When all winning combinations are settled, the Big Knife feature begins, resulting in only the Big Knife symbols remaining on the reels.

In addition to Big Knife symbols, there are a few empty spaces on the standard reels, so they have been replaced by special reels. As part of this feature, you will be granted 3 Re-Spins, and all Big Knife symbols will stay in place until all of the re-spins have been completed. A further three Re-Spins are triggered each time the Big Knife symbol appears on the reels. Symbols of the Big Knife must be placed in all 15 positions to win the Mega Jackpot.


We really enjoyed playing the Eddy Dundee slot as it is a very colourful humorous slot. The Big Knife re-spins feature kept us playing for ages.

Thundercats Reels of Thundera by Blueprint Gaming


This 20 payline Blueprint slot will satisfy any 80s fan. The Goonies and Ted creators bring us another amazing branded slot, playable across all devices.

Bonus Features

It’s amazing how much content Thundercats Reels of Thundera has to offer. Six bonus features and ten modifiers are available. Whenever the spin button turns on and Cheetara appears on screen, six modifiers are available: she shuffles symbols up to five times for big wins.

Wilds are randomly added to the reels when Lion-O Wilds is activated. As Panthro links between two and five reels, matching symbols will appear on the reels. Random Mystery Symbols appear on the reels when the Wilycats are present. A wild reel will expand when Tygra swipes the reels. The Thundercats bonus can be triggered at random when Snarf places bonus symbols on the reels. After a losing spin, you’ll also see the following four exciting modifiers :

  • five of a kind wins where Cheetara crosses the reels.

  • When the Cheetara Win Spin is made, the Thundercat logo symbols are added to the reels.

  • Cascade wins are awarded by the Sword of Omens.

  • During Lightning Win Spins, the reels are struck by a bolt of lightning that destroys all symbols and replaces them with new ones.

The 6 bonus features are also included in the free spins. The Thundercats Bonus can be accessed by landing three or more scatter symbols.

Win the Ultimate Thunder bonus of 10,000x your stake when you pick symbols with increasing values in Ancient Spirits of Evil. Earn increasing multipliers of up to 20x by climbing the Black Pyramid. Earn multipliers and upgraded wins by picking Eye of Thundera symbols. Lion-O symbol upgrades accompany the Hear the Roar free spins. A random multiplier of up to 10x can be won during the Ever Living free spins.

Summer Bliss Slot by EGT


This sun-loving slot machine from Euro Games Technology will have you heading down to the virtual beach in your swimsuit in no time. Featuring an array of hot game symbols and five reels and 20 paylines, this slot is all about good sunshine vibes. There are triple wins, free spins and extra wilds in Summer Bliss, plus a top jackpot of 100,000 credits.

Playing Summer Bliss

After enjoying the excitement of online blackjack nz , giving Summer Bliss a try is a good move. An attractive beach setting adds to the feel-good factor of this slot machine. There are no clouds in the sky, and the water is crystal blue. A million-dollar yacht or an ice-cold cocktail awaits you on the beach as you relax. Other icons showing beach-happy people include a bleach-haired surfer dude and a woman sunbathing on the beach as well as some wildlife such as starfish.


Summer Bliss by EGT has two special symbols. As an example, the surfer fella can be used as a wild symbol to replace other icons to make a winning combination. His replacement will not include the scattering wave symbol, however. It doesn’t matter if this rip-curl icon appears on any payline because players will receive a 250x multiplier on their total bet.

Three or more waves will award you with 15 free spins if you manage to ride them. All wins will be tripled during the free spins, plus two sunbathers that become extra wilds.


We found Summer Bliss slot to give some pretty big wins. For example, five of the surfer wild symbols appearing on an active payline will reward you with a 5000x multiplier on the top jackpot of Summer Bliss. The next most lucrative icons are the two sunbathers, where you will receive 1,000 times the amount you bet on each line if you get 5 of each on an active payline. Furthermore, these jackpots do get won quite regularly too!

How Slot machines work

Approximately 240 billion dollars are contributed to the U.S. financial system by the gaming industry, generating revenue of $38 billion and creating seventeen million jobs. Most people don’t realize that slot games, video poker gadgets, and other gaming appliances account for the majority of the economic activity. As a result, they have grown so much in popularity and influence across the globe.

These devices have led to 89 per cent of total gaming revenue at popular casinos. For casinos, slots are the main source of profit, doing better than blackjack, video poker machines and other gambling forms.

For most casinos, spinning-reel slots are the main source of profit, doing better than video poker machines, blackjack and other gambling forms. This is why we’re going to be discussing slot machines and how they work.

Considering that we already know what slot machines are and the features they come with, how does it work? Here is a breakdown of how slot machines work?

How do Slot Machines work?

The Price of a Slot

The thing about slot machines that make them reliable is their ability to fix the price and hide the original price from the players. The theory of demand and supply states that a price rise reduces demand. Nevertheless, price transparency exists for the vast majority of stakes we make every day. Aside from doctor’s visits and probably auto mechanics, we usually know the cost of products before we purchase them.

In a way, slot machines are worse than doctors’ offices, in that we can never figure out the value of wagers. Thus, supply and demand do not work with slots which means supply and demand do not work with slots.

Casino operators imagine price to be the average advantage on every stake placed. Essentially, it is a long-term advantage of each bet placed that determines the price of a slot. Depending on the amount of interaction an individual has with the game, the price may look different for each of those players.

Look at this: imagine a game with a house advantage of 10 per cent. In other words, the slot will pay back 10 per cent of all the wagers accepted to the management over the long run. As a result, if the casino accepts $1 million wagers in over 2 million spins, it would pay out $900,000, which gives the casino a $100,000 gain. The management of the casino expects to make 10% of what the gamblers pay overtime as charges for its services.

Players may think the spin cost is the price they pay. So if they stake $10 on a slot, play around and don’t get any payout, they feel that’s what the casino collects. However, despite collecting money from the player, casino operators know that some percentage will be refunded to the other players

In any event, a player would not know this since they will be playing for a short period where they hope to regain their losses. At this rate, it would take years to recognize the long-term advantage of playing slot games. Yet, it is worth stressing that BonusCodePoker.com offer all sorts of bonuses to encourage their players.

Difference in views between player and casino owner

The differences in price are rooted in the short-termand the long-term thinking of the players and management. If you play games at an online casino, there are three outcomes, you hit jackpot and win big, you lose everything, or you lose a bit and leave before you lose all funds.

The chances of the second outcome happening are far greater than the others. For the casino to remain on top, players must lose games. This is the reason so many people gamble – if there were no losers, there would be no winnings.

To be precise, putting together all individual losses funds the big jackpots. As a result, many players have to lose their entire bankroll to provide enticing jackpots. However, many people do not realize that experience rarely happens at player level. Such a game would disappoint players if it were typically the slot experience. The only downside is that it will be easy for the player to figure out what price he is paying.

How Casino owners get away with these price fixes

Many operators do not raise the house advantage of their slot machines, believing that players usually know when there are price shocks. The casino, however, has found that increasing the casino advantage has produced significant gains in revenue without being detected by even the savvier players.

Even though their low-priced counterparts were few feet away from the high-priced games, further analysis revealed no evidence of play migration from them. This was achieved even though playing high-priced games was economically disincentive.

Using this knowledge, casino owners can willingly shift their prices to whatever they feel. This is essentially how the slot machine works.


While casino managers want to use all their slot revenue, they do not want to crush players interest by hiking their prices. If players can detect these sudden price increase, they may decide to play somewhere else. This is how the slot machine works and how casinos make their monies of each slot played.

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