How to play Blackjack online better?

Blackjack is the most popular card game in casinos. It’s the game where the house has the smallest edge out of any other major game. Thus, people love to play it in casinos. By having the smallest possible disadvantage, players can lose less and win more. In this article, we’ll focus on blackjack online. We teamed up with Casino guru – experts in online casino games, to prepare a guide for those that want to play Blackjack online better.

Is Blackjack different online from the real game?

The first question to answer is whether Blackjack online should be played differently than at the real table. Our first answer is both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. To begin with, Blackjack has the same rules whether you are playing with other people or whether it’s just you and the dealer.

By playing online and utilizing the tools that are available to you (i.e. analytics), you can quickly become a decent player from an absolute newbie. If you play in the real world, it’s practice that’s going to make you perfect.

So, to answer that question with more accuracy – Blackjack online is played the same way as real Blackjack. However, you can get the hang of things much easier and quicker, if you play online.

Some don’ts of Blackjack online

Too many players fall on a losing streak because they value their intuition too much. Due to seeing Hollywood blockbusters where the player has a sixth sense or some other influences, people like to believe that luck is just around the corner and you just have to believe in it strong enough.

Unfortunately, reaching long-term winnings is all about minimizing risks and taking calculated chances. Maths always win out in the long run, whilst your intuition cannot be trusted all the time. For very experienced players, intuition may be useful in helping push it a bit further and win but your hunch won’t affect the outcome. So, don’t take random chances and trust your strategy. It will help you win.

One more don’t is to not rely on old-fashioned tricks like card counting too much. Albeit it does give you (the player), a small edge, it won’t make every bet into a winning one. Besides, after catching you counting cards, the house will become adamant about not letting you play again. Also, be realistic about the gains that you can make. A regular bettor, betting 10$ per hand can expect a 2.5% edge over the house. Let’s say you make 70 hands per hour and 700$ per hour which turns into 17.5$ per hour. Don’t think about this as a career but rather as a hobby.

How to find the best game rooms and casinos to play in?

Moving on, your next step in becoming better is related to finding the best Blackjack rooms and online casinos with blackjack. Begin by looking for the best bonuses. The more cash or other benefits you can get, the better you’ll end up playing (because of more experience and larger winnings).

Also, look for the most comfortable user interface and other features. If you get tired of Blackjack and want to try new games or just want to learn more about playing Blackjack online – go to