Raining Cats and Dogs

Video slots have been more and more popular in casinos over the years. Slot machines used to be rather similarly themed in decades past, with fruit, swag bags and suchlike used as winning symbols. Modern video slots are essentially computer programs that can be changed to a brand new theme in an instant, via use of different computer software. With this in mind, we often see the likes of movie and music themed slots, and here even cute (and slightly absurd) kittens and puppies slot machines!

Big Bucks Casino Chips

These chips certainly offer a little perspective to the average casino goer gambling with chips of say $5 – $100 in dollar. 100k chips are way abive that average offered by many casinos, but some, such as the Paris Las Vegas are clearly happy to accommodate high roller players.These chips are usually specifically restricted to those with $1,000,000 + credit limits. As I’m sure you can understand, due to the amount of money involved, these RFID chips have security featured such as a microchip to ensure their security and validity for use.

And if you’re wondering what kind of betting limits are in place at big casino such as Caesars Palace, we are told that $50,000 can be bet per Blackjack Hand. At Planet Hollywood’s baccarat tables though, the limit is $200,000. The mind boggles!

Celebrity and Casinos

As we see here from this photograph of Marilyn Monroe, there is a glamour and iconic aspect to casinos that goes back decades. From the likes of Frank Sinatra in the 60s to the likes of Matt Damon today, there is a draw, appeal and intertwining of these two worlds. Poker tournaments featuring celebrity figures are fascinating in their own right, and even the pure ‘splash the cash’ celebrities like Flloyd Mayweather, buy in to the tradition and image that being a high roller offers.

Casino Crime

Well, this certainly isn’t what you expect when you’re living the high life and waiting for your number to come up on the roulette wheel, I’m not sure if he was doing building work, an attempted heist, or just someone to whom doors are an irrelevance but it was nice of this gentleman to ‘drop by’ never the less.

Though on the subject of Las Vegas crime, one of the most ‘interesting’ heists was the Circus Circus theft of 1993. $3 million dollars and an armoured truck had disappeared without trace. Surely all’s well that ends well for the thieves then, right? Well no, a decade on, Heather Tallchief, wracked with guilty about how role in the theft handed herself in to the authorities. The money however remains missing, said to be in the hands of her still at large boyfriend.

Viva Las Vegas


So many memorable images come out of Vegas. The glitz, glamour and $$$ are a huge draw for joe public, but also celebrities, as these images attest to. Elvis was Vegas through and through, and the Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin were iconic in their time. The photograph of Sean Connery here just oozes ‘cool’, and courtesy of the boxing connection to Vegas, we’re spoiled with this characterful photograph of Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard and Muhammad Ali pretending to duke it out.

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